"Thanks again for everything. We have been very impressed with how good a job you do with Victoria and how she has responded."

Michael Clavell, Parent of Private Piano Student

"Dear Stacy, I had such fun at my lesson today! Thanks so much for sharing your gifts with me. Bless you, Cyndi"

Cyndi Richey, Private Voice Student

"My husband and I have always enjoyed the recitals you have presented with your students. We are so impressed by the quality of student performances and their joy of expression. Thank you for your passion for the Lord, your students and music."

Cyndi Richey, Audience Member at Recitals and now Private Voice Student

"Allison did such a great job at her All-State audition. She was confident and introduced herself to the judges and felt good about the audition as soon as she finished. I just want to thank you for all your hard work with her this year. She was 10 times more prepared for her audition than she was last year and I know that is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT as a result of being your student. I hope you consider this success just as much a success for your teaching as it is for her. Not only are you making her a better singer, but a better musician as well which is what I wanted all along. "

Joy Stallworth, Parent of Private Voice Student

"I am very grateful and feel very fortunate to have found such a gifted and dedicated teacher like you."

Jessie Ramirez, Private Piano Student

"(In regards to Stacy receiving the Jeanne Beile Memorial Scholarship for teacher training from the Suzuki Association of Americas): Congratulations! I am so happy for you. This scholarship is well deserved! I listened to your audition pieces and they are wonderful. I am honored that Allie has such a talented, dedicated and God-centered teacher. I know that you will use this to further your work in God's calling for your life. We love you. "

Joy Stallworth, Parent of Private Voice Student

"Stacy, I want to thank you for the progress that Meredith has made playing the Piano. She has only been playing for a year and I am really impressed with what she has accomplished. I know that having the right teacher makes all the difference in the world. You have done that. You have made all the difference in her ability to play and worship God. Thanks a thousand times over for the passion you share with your students for music. "

Phyllis Breech, Parent of Private Piano Student

"Stacy, Thank you so much for your support! I am so glad that you are my teacher not only in piano and voice skill but worship. I love your heart of freedom and abandon to the Lord. I love watching you bring people in calling them higher all the while never judging them! It is so sweet and beautiful not just to me but the Lord. Love you~ Mellie D"

Melissa Davis, Private Piano and Voice Student

"I wanted to thank you for all you've done to help me in Voice. I enjoy meeting with you every week. Taking Voice lessons has built my confidence and really improved my singing. It's such a pleasure to learn about music from someone who truly knows the Creator. Your love for God is evident and He is truly glorified through you in music. Many blessings to you and your family!"

Melissa Harpe Melancon, Private Voice Student

"Dear Stacy, We enjoyed watching Joe and Malisa play their songs at a family gathering at Thanksgiving. You have taught them such important ways. (hand position, rhythm, posture, accuracy, expression) Thank you again! Sincerely, Harriet Norrie"

Harriet Norrie, Grandmother of private piano students

"Dear Stacy Marie, The recital you and your students gave last month was the best I have ever heard! There was so much variety, emphasis on dynamics, meaning of words, and the joy of music. You are also a marvelous witness for the Lord as well as being an inspiration to those around you. Thank you for all you have done for Joe and Malisa. We are so glad they have you for their teacher. They seem to love their piano playing and you too. God Bless You, Harriet"

Harriet Norrie, Grandmother of private piano students

"Dear Stacy, I wanted to send you a little note to say that I've enjoyed taking voice with you. It has so encouraged my heart and helped me to feel more confident in my calling to be in the House of Prayer in this season. Thank you for your help and friendship. May the Lord continue to romance your heart yet again. Peace, Melissa Melancon"

Melissa Melancon, Private Voice Student

"Stacy, You are an absolute God-send in every way. You are an amazing teacher fulfilling God's mandate for your life in an excellent, unprecedented way. Sounds dramatic, I know, but still true. Your recitals are inspiring and encouraging. Keep up the none-can-compare good work. We all love you... the Ugans "

Angie Ugan, Parent of Private Piano and Voice Students

"Thanks so much for the 'gift' your love for worship and music has been to us- and specifically to Joshua- to broaden his horizons, continuing to ignite his heart for worship and equipping him with technique and theory for where God is taking him. You are truly an answer to our prayers and we thank God for you. Our heart cries, I believe, flow in the same vein... for the exaltation and glory of our Risen Lord- to reign!"

Duane & Carol Longenecker, Parents of Private Piano Student

"Thank you Stacy for all you have taught my daughter. You have truly been a treasure from the Lord of worth untold. Be blessed."

Heather Webster, parent of private student studying piano/voice

"The gift of the teacher, you have! I would recommend this course to others without question!"

Alice Trammell, Music Theory Level 2 graduate

"Stacy wants very much for the student to get all they can from her teaching. She loves what she does! This class has opened a new world to me. I appreciate the talents of others and hear the movement of the notes releasing into the expression that someone had on their heart so others could enjoy it with them!!"

Devora McKenzie, Music Theory Level 1 graduate

"I would recommend this course to others. I was amazed at how much effort you put into this class. It was enjoyable and I learned a lot. Thank you for making this available to us. I thoroughly enjoyed it!"

Scott Keller, Music Theory Level 3 graduate

"Stacy Marie Walker teaches a wonderful music theory class. If you play an instrument or not, it is a great class. I took the class so that I could have a greater freedom playing and leading in worship. The principles I learned were invaluable in my opinion to any musician, and I was able to apply them to both instruments I play (bass and guitar). Stacy is a great teacher, and I look forward to taking my next class. It was well worth every penny."

David Alsbury, Music Theory Level 2 graduate

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