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Signed: October 3, 2011, by Mary Eberle (

I wish you could know the seed you sowed into me in high school. It's grown up and sprouted so much. I remember the kindness of your family when my own wasn't very good, especially when your parents came to get one of our dog's puppies. I'm sorry to hear about your dad, but on the other hand I'm thrilled he's with Papa. HUGS! (Tracey Fuchs)
Signed: December 11, 2009, by Tracey Layman (

Hi Stacy, I love the energy and the passion that come through in your music. May DADDY God be honored through the fruit of your work. Laura
Signed: June 29, 2009, by Laura Smith (

Your prayer February 2009 helped me so much that I can't began to say how Thankful I am. I have your website posted on my facebook.. You have been a blessing to me in ways you will never know. Thanks to your awesome Dad & Mom whom raised an ANGEL!!
Signed: April 12, 2009, by yt3 (

Just revisited the site. I hadn't been in awhile. Absolutely love your tribute to your daddy. Tears filled my eyes when I clicked and saw his face. What a treasure he gave to us all! Love you!
Signed: March 9, 2009, by Charlotte (

Stacie, hey sista, WOW! You're website is classy and you already know how great you are if you've read the letter your daddy wrote to you so I will just tell you that I miss you much. You are an inspiration - you will reap what you have sown toward - the harvest is near - our time is here - we gonna sing, we gonna shout, we gonna shout down the walls of Jericho and rock the Kingdom coming! OK, I feel better now.
Signed: March 6, 2009, by Russ Johnson (

well kiddo, i always knew you'd be a star. glad to see the world finally saw just how bright you are! i couldnt find any other way to contact you but thru here. you are amazing. but we always knew that! hope to hear from you soon. sincerely, your brother in Christ Jesus, i'm on face book and myspace and you have my email. my phone is 404-368-6092
Signed: February 6, 2009, by ryann cushway (

Stacy, Your web site is awesome. I ordered several albums to give to some friends and relative that I know will enjoy them. I really appreciate the lyrics with chords so I can attempt to play along. Reading the lyrics while listening really helps these old ears. Thanks, Bob Albert
Signed: January 14, 2009, by Bob Albert (

Stacy, I ran across your website off a email you sent me. I just wanted to tell you how proud of you I am. It was amazing for me to read all of your accomplishments you have achieved in your life. Please tell your wonderful family I said hey and I love them.
Signed: December 30, 2008, by Ray Frye (

Stacy- Thank you so very much for sending the CD. I really enjoyed listening to your heart. Thank you for your honesty and tranparency. I am thankful that there are people like you that can write musical and lyrical worship for the rest of us! I was blessed and I appreciate you sharing it with us. Mark
Signed: September 26, 2008, by Mark Jansen (

Stacy, Thank you for sending us your c.d. Good Job ! my favorite song is # 3 " Pulling Away " I really like the harmonies and the chord progression and the "haunting" feel or mood of the song ! All of God's love to you Stacy ! Sincerly, mark & Sue
Signed: August 21, 2008, by Mark & Sue (

Stacy, I continue to support your work, and I hope things are going well for you. Come visit again at Stone Mountain Park when you can.
Signed: April 11, 2008, by Ivan Benson (

Hi Stacy! I was taking a look at your site since you sent out the Spring Recital flyer and I think it ROCKS that you included a link to your students drawings, doodles, and ditties! Your students are very talented and creative:)
Signed: March 18, 2008, by Janet (

Stacy, You are truly a gift to this world. Your accompolishments are a reflection of God's love and grace. Your Mother is precious to me and I am grateful that I had the pleasure of meeting your dear Father. You are taught of the Lord and are led by His Spirit. May the Angels of the Lord encamp around you and keep you safe.
Signed: March 17, 2008, by Joy Grimm (

Stacy just viewing your site brings a smile to my heart. I believe God lead me to your site. Someone so gracious and beautiful is God sent- just what my family and I need in our lives... Thank you for showing God's Grace!
Signed: October 17, 2007, by Yolanda - Marquis Mom (

I love your website so much I could eat it.
Signed: September 28, 2007, by olivia grace vaughn (

Signed: September 6, 2007, by BOB MAPLE (

Hi Stacy - your website is you!
Signed: April 24, 2007, by Janet Forbes (

Hey Stacy - This is a great website. I am so happy to see you excelling in your purpose, your destiny. You have to be one of the most gifted women I know. We can't wait to have you and your family come to FrontLines School of the Spirit (; you all have so much to impart and so much to share. Wilson NC (our hometown) will only be bettered by the presence of Christ in people like you and your family. I know you and your hubby are doing awesome. Give him, your bro and mama a big hug for me. Give your bro and mama a big kiss on the cheek for me - tell them I love them bunches. Be good now. We love you guys.
Signed: April 24, 2007, by Joel M. Killion (

Stacy, I went to elementary/middle school with you. I have always remembered the time you and your family performed for us at an assembly....your family talent and joy has made a long lasting impression. I've wondered about you guys over the years and felt compelled to type your name into a search engine to see what you have done with yourself (because I knew you would go places!) Congratulations, on your accomplishments and your ministry. You are so blessed, and I'm happy for you! I'm sorry to hear about your dad's passing.
Signed: April 4, 2007, by Mary (

Love the pictures from Emilee's recital. I am so glad that I was able to be a part of such a wonderful time together. Emilee is very talented and I can see you take great pride in her.
Signed: March 17, 2007, by Charlotte (

Sister Stacy, IT is with great joy to sign your guest book in your website.Stacy you remain a great blessing to us. Thank you for the great blessing first in the International House of Prayer-Atlanta. Thank you for your encouragements,devotions,all the invitations you gave me to various occasions where you performed. Most fresh in our mind is the tremendous role you played in our January 27th,2007 wedding in TN.Thanks for the song you played,"How Great Thou Art".It made a great impact in our wedding and marriage. Thank you for the wonderful job and blessing of the DVD Presentation on our wedding day.This is is making a mark that cannot be erased for ever.Thank you for sending copies to our beloved friends whom we do not know if we would ever have had a chance to bless the way you did. I heartily say Thank you Stacy. Jacob Mukuria Njeru. Stacy, I know that God has brought you into my life only recently, however he has brought you in an enormous capacity as a talented musician and a wonderful christian. Thank you so much for the wonderful gift of song you did at our wedding. Now I have been blasted by this lovely gift of the DVD's by mail. What more can I say other than you are awesome and thank you so much to God be the Glory! Lori J. Njeru
Signed: February 28, 2007, by Jacob & Lori Njeru Mukuria (

Stacy! you basically rock. keep it up.
Signed: February 11, 2007, by Emilee Deegan (

Ran across your site. You are beautiful as always. Glad that you are doing well! Tell Edgar "Hello" for me. Take care, Terri : )
Signed: February 11, 2007, by Terri Beeson (

Stacy, You are an absolute God-send in every way. You are an amazing teacher fulfilling God's mandate for your life in an excellent, unprecedented way. Sounds dramatic, I know, but still true. Your recitals are inspiring and encouraging. Keep up the none-can-compare good work. We all love you... the Ugans
Signed: December 7, 2006, by Angie Ugan (

Nice job.
Signed: November 27, 2006, by Daniel Homrich (

Beautiful site. Best of luck with everything.
Signed: November 21, 2006, by Chris LeClar (

I am lucky to call you family in 2 ways. Your my second cousin and sister in Christ. It does not get bettter than that. I love your music - please record more so that we can take worship to a new level. Vicki
Signed: November 5, 2006, by Vicki Kyzer Plemmons (

Stacy, your website is simply smashing, my dear! :)
Signed: October 11, 2006, by Becca (

I love all the changes. I have enjoyed browsing your site and seeing so many new things. I would love to hear Diving into your heart!!! Hope to see you soon.
Signed: October 5, 2006, by Charlotte (

Your site looks great!!
Signed: September 30, 2006, by Alice Trammell (

Hi! This is SO cool! I LOVE it! You are so special to me! I love you! Gina
Signed: August 31, 2006, by Gina Wong (

Stacy, it was a pleasure to meet you today at Stone Mountain Park; I enjoyed singing for you. Let me know if there is some way I can be of assistance to you in the future. Ivan Benson (aka Dan D at Stone Mtn Park)
Signed: August 15, 2006, by Ivan Benson (

We love you Stacy, You are so precious to us. Thank you for all you do. Love Casey and Heather.
Signed: July 31, 2006, by Casey and mom (

Everyone needs a first guestbook entry! I pray the Lord's blessings on whatever you put your hand or voice to do. You are an amazingly talented individual and God will reward your dedication to Him and to others.
Signed: July 26, 2006, by Sara Upshaw (

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